Low Fees

Unlike many other providers, our fee schedule is clear, honest and simple to understand. You will see an administration and investment management fee. At [ABC IRA Program – variable text] there are no investment transaction fees to pay, and no hidden costs paid to us by any investment provider.

Administration Fee

A [$3 monthly fee– variable text]. [In addition, a 0.0625 percent fee will be deducted from your account each quarter.] These fees cover the cost of administering your account, creating statements, executing transactions, providing custody services, providing secure 24/7 online access and Customer Care Center Support.

Management Fees

There is a [0.025 percent fee deducted quarterly – variable text] from your account to cover the cost of [screening the investments and making periodic changes to the investments available in the ABC IRA Program – variable text].

Event Driven Fees

These are fees that apply only when you request a service that does not involve the everyday maintenance of your account. The most common fees are:

One-time withdrawal fee



Applies for non-schedule withdrawals.

Periodic withdrawal fee


per payment

Applies when monthly or quarterly withdrawals are taken.

Paper Statements


per mailed statement

There is NO CHARGE to view and print your quarterly account statement online.

To keep things simple, all fees are collected by selling a prorated share of all of your investments based on the total dollar amount of your fees.

Any other non-standard fees that may apply to your account are listed in the Financial Disclosure that is part of the account opening document you sign.

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